Screen Repair 2022 Costs

How Much Does an iPhone Screen Repair Cost?

So you have dropped your iPhone and the screen is now cracked. Or, it is a mass of spider’s webs. Once you have stopped berating yourself, you will need to give it to someone that can perform screen repair. After all, the warranty should cover it, don’t be too sure.

iPhone screen repair costs

The screen and LCD display are actually both fused together, so it is not very likely that you can get the glass replaced without also having to replace the LCD display too. Below are some of the average costs for screen glass repairs and LCD replacement.

Third party repair company costs

  • iPhone 8 Plus $90 – $140
  • iPhone 7 Plus $90 – $130
  • iPhone 7 $90 – $110
  • iPhone 6S Plus $90
  • iPhone 8 $90 – $130
  • iPhone 6S $70 – $90
  • iPhone 6 Plus $80
  • iPhone 6 $70 – $80
  • iPhone 5 5C 5S $60
  • iPhone 4 4S $50

Apple Repair Center Cost That is Out of Warranty

  • iPhone XS, X $279
  • iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus $169
  • iPhone 8, 7 $149
  • iPhone 6s Plus $169
  • iPhone XS Max $329
  • iPhone 6s $149
  • iPhone 6 $129
  • iPhone SE, 5s, 5c, 5 $129
  • iPhone 6 Plus $149
  • iPhone 4s $199

Check what your purchase date was

Even if you think that your circumstances will qualify you to fall back on your warranty if you bought your iPhone from anyone that was not an authorized iPhone seller or did not register your phone, chances are you may not be able to use the warranty that comes with it, this is because Apple will have no official record of the purchase date that has your name in it.

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